Grand Designs Live

Tomorrow is the start of Grand Designs Live and I go every year with a free ticket on their magazine 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, I studied to be an architect (and may continue to do so after I move to America) and love all things buildy. Yep, that’s a technical architect term right there: buildy! 😉

They usually split the exhibition halls into segments for indoor design, gardens and outdoor design, interior decorating, self builds, etc etc. They also always have several restaurants there but, if you time your visit right, the thing I normally do is venture into the kitchens and bathroom area of the halls around lunchtime because there are loads of food-related stands and they all offer free samples! I buy quite a lot of food while I’m at Grand Designs (they have great sausage stands there!) so I don’t feel guilty by having the free samples as my “lunch” and buying a couple of pastries for a desert later on in the day 🙂

I always look forward to Grand Designs Live, it’s become a yearly event that Mom and I go to (sometimes with a couple of my friends who I met at university too) and we both really love seeing the innovation and inventions that they have there for the building industry.

There is also a shopping alley that has artwork, odds and ends, lighting…all sorts in there and I remember the first year I went they had “reindeer food” (small bags of oats with glitter to sprinkle on the grass Christmas Eve) as gifts for children…and grown up children too hehe. Christmas is a holiday I enjoyed as a child but don’t really remember much about, and then it sort of faded into a yearly “thing” but lost it’s fun for a while. The past couple of years it’s been more magical though and I’m really looking forward to being able to spend a Christmas with my husband – we haven’t been able to yet due to him being in the forces and being deployed over Christmas one year, moving bases last year… hopefully we’ll be able to spend this one together.

Hmm I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent, so I’ll wrap things up there I think!

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