Slow Cooked Asian Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is one of my favourite American discoveries! But we haven't ever made it at home before, so I did some searching and found a great looking recipe from the lads at SortedFood.  I tweaked it a little, to change some ingredients I wasn't so keen on, and hubby and I tried making it… Continue reading Slow Cooked Asian Pulled Pork

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Moving Across America!

Wow this month has been busy! In the past four weeks we've finalised the sale of our house, packed up everything we own, and drove all the way across the country! Twice. Yep you read that right, we drove across America twice. Why? Because we're crazy! Just kidding...sort of 😉 We had two cars to take… Continue reading Moving Across America!

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DIY “Built In” Bookshelves

I have a lot of books. Most of them are still in England (books are heavy to ship!) but I've bought quite a few since being in America, and we didn't have enough bookshelf space for them all! So I decided to take on a project to build some fake built-in bookshelves, using floating shelves… Continue reading DIY “Built In” Bookshelves


Winery Harvest Festival

Brian and I recently took a drive to a Harvest Festival at a winery. We'd never been before but it sounded fun: craft stalls, wine tasting, BBQ food, and a live band/singer. It's hard to get into the Autumn spirit when everything is green all year round, but this helped a lot. And after tasting… Continue reading Winery Harvest Festival


Ninja Kitten!

Penny and the kittens (sounds like a band name!) settled into the house quickly. We took them to the vet for their first checkup and they were all pretty healthy - two kittens had an eye infection, but that was easily fixed with some ointment. Penny was much more underweight than I realised - she… Continue reading Ninja Kitten!


Itty Bitty Kitties!

Warning: this post contains a cuteness overload! Two weeks before we moved out of our apartment, we discovered a stray cat gave birth to 5 kittens on our neighbour's patio! We only noticed them by chance, as we were walking Jasper, and neither of us had any idea what to do. But we knew we needed… Continue reading Itty Bitty Kitties!