Ninja Kitten!


Penny and the kittens (sounds like a band name!) settled into the house quickly. We took them to the vet for their first checkup and they were all pretty healthy – two kittens had an eye infection, but that was easily fixed with some ointment. Penny was much more underweight than I realised – she weighed around 5lbs! It takes a lot of work to feed 5 kittens! Increasing her food, we got her to slowly gain weight while she was still feeding the kittens. And now she’s a healthy 9lbs.

Penny at 5lbs, and 8lbs
Penny at 5lbs, and 8lbs

Jasper loved having the kittens at home – they were his little fuzz-buddies! He got a bit nervous when they all ran around though, so he just sat or lay down and let them do their thing while he wagged his tail at them hehe.

Best friends!
Best friends!

Penny and Jasper became instant best friends. I’ve never seen a dog and cat be as close as these two are!

No, really. BEST friends!
No, really. BEST friends!

We gave the kittens some “placeholder names”:

Podgy : he ate the most food, opened his eyes first, and was by far the healthiest.
Noisy : she was a drama queen from day one.
Tiger : her markings look like grey and black tiger stripes.
Greyscale : he’s all different shades of grey…and we’re geeks hehe.
Crusty Face : she was the runt of the litter and had an infection in both eyes – which cleared up with ointment but the name stuck.

They all loved to play – Crusty Face never wanted to stop! Penny taught them all how to play and pounce on each other – she actually called to them to get them to see and learn different things: playing under the cupboard, hiding behind a box, how to climb onto chairs, and other cute things. Some of them were more stealth at pouncing than others 😉

So we fostered the kittens until they were 13 weeks old, and then they moved to the main foster lady to be spayed/neutered and then…*drum roll*…were all adopted to lovely forever homes! I miss their cute little fuzzy selves, but I’m so happy they all got to have wonderful, loving families – something that wouldn’t have happened in the wild.

Penny told us she liked living here very much, so we kept her as the newest furry addition to our family. She was spayed a few weeks after the kittens left, and as yet doesn’t want to go outside. I think she’s worried we might leave her out there – poor thing! But that’s ok, she can be inside the house as much as she likes 🙂  I worked on getting her to lie on my lap, and she will now (purring too!)…for about a minute and then she’s off to play with a toy hehe – she’s only 1 year old, she still has kitten brain herself!

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2 thoughts on “Ninja Kitten!”

  1. The kittens are adorable and it is wonderful to read that they all found a loving forever home. Bless you for caring for them when they really needed someone. I’m so glad you kept Penny and I understand fully how you can bond so tight with the mom throughout the weeks caring for her & babies. I kept not only the mom but one of her babies, too when I fostered for a rescue. I was considered a ‘foster failure’. haha! Deb (Ontario, Canada)

    1. Lol that’s great 😀 I was really tempted to keep one (or two) of the kittens as well as Penny, it was really hard to see them all go. I was worried how Penny would react when they went. But she was sad for about an hour and then decided it was fine to be child-free, and that she was hungry hehe.

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