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Moving Across America!

Wow this month has been busy! In the past four weeks we've finalised the sale of our house, packed up everything we own, and drove¬†all the way across the country! Twice. Yep you read that right, we drove across America twice. Why? Because we're crazy! Just kidding...sort of ūüėČ We had two cars to take… Continue reading Moving Across America!


Home Sweet Home

We bought a house! And it's beautiful, and wonderful, and full of projects we need/want to do, and...and... it's all ours <3 We've never bought a house before.¬†Such is the life when you¬†might be told¬†to move across the country. Or to a different country! That hasn't really changed, but our "settled" feeling in a rented… Continue reading Home Sweet Home


Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow!

Or at least the House Of The Future. I went to Grand Designs Live yesterday at the NEC. One of the things I was excited about was the House Of The Future "stage" area they had, showing inventions and innovations that are either available now or will be available for homes within the next 5-10… Continue reading Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow!