Home Sweet Home


We bought a house! And it’s beautiful, and wonderful, and full of projects we need/want to do, and…and… it’s all ours <3

We’ve never bought a house before. Such is the life when you might be told to move across the country. Or to a different country! That hasn’t really changed, but our “settled” feeling in a rented apartment had. We wanted to paint walls, to change decor, to get our hands dirty in some DIY projects and truly make ourselves a HOME.

And now we can!

The past few months have seen us moving, unpacking (ish), and getting settled into home ownership. And while we were doing all of that, I realised this blog needed a new “home” too. So welcome to the newly named Natalie’s Life (formerly Modern Woman) a place where I’ll be talking about all sorts of things going on in my life – DIY projects, pets, recipes, gaming, books and more!

I hope you like the new design and layout of the site. I had a lot of fun playing with this awesome theme, and I can’t wait to show you all of the new things going on here at home. HOME! *ahem* Excuse me while I go and do another happy dance!

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