Something Witchy This Way Comes

Last night I heard small footsteps, running on the stairs.
But when I looked outside my door, nobody was there!

I crept along the landing, crouched down on the floor,
Do my eyes deceive me? I found a little door!

As I reached to touch it, something happened – strange indeed!
I started to get smaller, not much bigger than a weed!

Through the door I ventured, whatever would I see?
A row of lovely lanterns, to guide the way for me!

I went along the pathway and then into a wood,
There hung a sign to warn me, but it did no good.

Just like a little cat, curiosity did take hold,
So onward did I venture, feeling rather bold.

There I met some dragons, keepers of the way,
They looked me up and down again, then told me not to stray.

I walked around a mystic pool, with lanterns all around,

Then from my little vantage point, the Haunted House I found!

I met some other travelers, walking the same way,
They told me to come with them, to a party there that day.

In the Haunted House’s garden, some witches there were brewing!
I stepped a little closer, to find out what they were stewing.

The hostess came to greet me, with her guardian giant frog!
She said inside the cauldron was the party-goers grog!

We went along some fairy steps, that led up past the pool,
I dipped a toe into the water, it was so nice and cool!

The party then got under way, a Halloween witches ball!
We danced and laughed and made good friends, a fun time had by all.

It started to get very late and “I must be on my way”,
The witches and the little cats were so sad to hear me say.

The magic of the little door – a Halloween witches spell,
I raised my glass to toast new friends, then bid them all farewell!

I made my way back through the wood, along the twisting path,
Remembering good times I’d had, I gave a little laugh.

The tiny door came into sight and through it I did crawl,
As soon as I was home again, I then got very tall!

I hope you liked my story; this Halloween Blog Party post,
To all my new found friends on here, I give a welcoming toast!

Magic and laughter fill the air, as leaves do start to fall.
I wish you Happy Halloween! Best witches, one and all!

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50 thoughts on “Something Witchy This Way Comes”

  1. What a fantastical and wondrous journey you have had!
    (And great writing talents as well.)
    I do hope you join in on more of the parties. I have a good list on my art blog.
    I very much enjoyed my visit.

  2. Aurelia,
    First of all, I love your name ! It’s so pretty and mysterious!! The perfect witchy name 🙂

    Your miniature witchy party was so adorable, it looks like you had a blast having some cocktails with them 🙂 I hope you have a very Happy Halloween ! Thank you for stopping by my party as well!

  3. Thanks for dropping by! And congrats on your first Halloween Party blog post! Your photo’s are wonderful, your garden beautiful and your story a delight! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

  4. I loved your rhyming party,
    The guests a pure delight,
    Though I rushed away quite quickly,
    From those dragons left and right.
    Thank you for your visit,
    I hope we meet once more,
    With witches in the picture,
    Who knows what lays in store!

  5. I simply adore your bewitching party!! The decor is simply enchanting and the hostess, simply adorable!! Thank you for flying by my party post as well!~

  6. WOW! What a fabulous party!!! We loved the tail, er I mean tale. And we certainly enjoy the little journey!!! What fun!!!!

    Thank you so much for inviting me to your party! So glad the door worked for me – I’d have had a heck of a time trying to explain to “her” that I had my head stuck and needed “her” to come get me!



  7. Oh, the rhymes and the photos are SO lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. This was my first blog party too and it’s been really fun!

  8. thanks for visiting me – I haven’t had time yet to visit all the partygoers – I loved your poem and pictures – art comes in many forms, not just with a paintbrush and you have a lovely gift with poetry – you captured my imagination – thankyou. Betty x

  9. I adored my little visit, I’m just wondering how to get the sparkles out of my ringlets now..
    Thank you for such enchantment. I wish every staircase had a little door.. perhaps they do?

  10. What a charming and fun party. I do so love a Witch’s ball. What fun. I hope to find many haunted little houses in the woods this season,
    Happy Halloween!
    Spells and wishes,
    Wendy from wonderland

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