When Will It End?!

This is only a short entry as I’m at work right now and typing this on my phone, which isn’t very condusive to writing a blog post! But I felt I needed to vent a little bit. A literary vent.

I read a lot. Across several genres and I enjoy reading immensely. While I’m doing temporary work I get through more books because I always need something to read when work gets a little slow. Which is the only reason I’m continuing to read this book, because I don’t have anything else to read with me.

I’ll do a full review later but for now I need to say, I have never in my life come across a more dull, uninteresting and frustrating novel than this. The main character is boring, uninteresting and I couldn’t care less if she croaked on the next page. In fact, I’m actually willing it so that I can just be done with the damn book.

The reviews were raving over how great it was, how this was a lierary masterpiece and kept the reader intrigued and on the edge of their seat. I’m honestly questioning if I’m even reading the same book as those reviewers because all it reads as (and I’m on page 258 so far) is drivel.

Alright, rant over…for now lol! You can obviously tell the review of this book won’t be sparkling. But, I’m trying to remain open minded and hope the story will actually get interesting and change my mind. As I’m 3/4 through though it doesn’t look very promising :/

Oh and the book? The Red Tree by Caitlin R. Kiernan.

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1 thought on “When Will It End?!”

  1. Don’t you wonder about yourself when your opinion seems so different then anyone elses? I could not make it through “The Lonely Polygamist” – and I kept going back to read the reviews to figure out what I was missing.

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