A Woman’s Prerogative

I’ve had a bit of a re-think since my first post (yes, a long time ago now!) and want to do a bit more with this blog than I originally thought.

There are products, events and other things that will interest the modern woman and I am still going to write about those. But I find that some days I want to write about things that have happened to me that day, things that don’t really fit into any kind of review category but still something I think will be of interest.

So I’ve changed my mind from the initial thoughts for this blog, although not too drastically 🙂 I think having something more settled in my mind will help me to write here more too, also I have a second blog that I started at the beginning of this month to follow my plight of weight loss before my wedding in 6 months!



Welcome to the Modern Woman’s blogger! I’m going to be using this site to talk about different things that will interest all of us modern women who don’t always have the time to do a lot of research on new products, trends, technology, or to find something simple but elegant to cook for ourselves, friends and family.

At the moment, the blog categories will fall into one of the following 4: Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Food and Drink. I will make sure each post is labeled with one of those tags (as well as the name of whatever item/items I am talking about) so that it’s easy to find relevant information that you’re after – that is my main aim here, to make things simpler and quicker to find information and reviews on the items that interest a modern woman the most.

I am currently also planning my wedding, which will be happening late next year, so from time to time I will post about that too with some tips and tricks I discover along the way! To keep track of that progress just check for anything containing the tag: Wedding.

I hope you all enjoy the blog and find it as enjoyable to read as I know it will be for me to write!