For the Christmas holiday season Terry’s have come up with a variation on their normal Chocolate Orange and invented the Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange!

This excited me a lot! Maybe more than it should have, but I remember as a child how much fun popping candy was and being really excited if I had a bag of poprocks. We didn’t seem to have the urban legend in England about poprocks and cola making you explode. Or maybe we did and I just never heard it. Either way, the power of popping candy and chocolate (that’s a powerful mix!) called out to me and made me put one in my shopping trolley for Christmas.

It didn’t make it to Christmas.

It lasted maybe a week in the cupboard before I had to “test” it to make sure it did have a good pop going on in there! Terry’s have done a good job, it has a decent amount of popping candy in there and was a lot of fun to eat. Not to mention the fact that it’s a Chocolate Orange, which is great anyway!

So I’m off tomorrow to buy another for Christmas… or maybe for Halloween …or maybe for Saturday.

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