Easter Treats: Cornflake Cakes

For me, you can't have Easter without Cornflake cakes! ...or Krispie Cakes, for those who prefer the Rice Krispie version πŸ™‚ This is a very loose definition of the word "recipe" because I only really have one measured ingredient, but these cakes are divine and so simple to make! They're perfect to make with children… Continue reading Easter Treats: Cornflake Cakes


Eggless Chocolate Orange Mousse

A while ago I came across a Nigella Lawson recipe for Eggless Dark Chocolate Mousse, tried out by US Masala. They looked delicious but for me the ultimate chocolate mousse has to have something extra... orange! So I amended the recipe to give me a chocolate orange fix, but the great thing is that you… Continue reading Eggless Chocolate Orange Mousse


Tea For… Three

Well, hot chocolate actually πŸ™‚ Yesterday my Mom and I went to meet a friend (my best friend's Mom, who also happens to be my Mom's friend) for coffee in the morning. I'm not fond of hot coffee so that quickly turned into orange juice for me... and then we added scrambled eggs, toast and… Continue reading Tea For… Three



For the Christmas holiday season Terry's have come up with a variation on their normal Chocolate Orange and invented the Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange! This excited me a lot! Maybe more than it should have, but I remember as a child how much fun popping candy was and being really excited if I had… Continue reading Pop-tastic!