Easter Treats: Posh Cornflake Cakes

This is a more grown up version of my all time favourite Easter recipe, Cornflake Cakes 🙂 I made 8 cakes from this mixture but I made them fairly big and could have easily got 12 normal sized cakes. Going posh made me want to give a bit of decadence though! Ingredients: 100 g Green… Continue reading Easter Treats: Posh Cornflake Cakes


Easter Treats: Cornflake Cakes

For me, you can't have Easter without Cornflake cakes! ...or Krispie Cakes, for those who prefer the Rice Krispie version 🙂 This is a very loose definition of the word "recipe" because I only really have one measured ingredient, but these cakes are divine and so simple to make! They're perfect to make with children… Continue reading Easter Treats: Cornflake Cakes