Tea For… Three

Well, hot chocolate actually 🙂

Yesterday my Mom and I went to meet a friend (my best friend’s Mom, who also happens to be my Mom’s friend) for coffee in the morning. I’m not fond of hot coffee so that quickly turned into orange juice for me… and then we added scrambled eggs, toast and a croissant. Good “coffee” hehe.

I’ve never had many female friends, I don’t know why that is because the female friends I do have are really close to me and I love spending time with them. So yesterday was a lot of fun 🙂 We had a wander around the Christmas displays at a local garden center, then the craft products and then went to another garden center for “coffee”…which turned into hot chocolate with cream, marshmellows and a fruit scone with clotted cream and jam. Bliss 🙂 and I felt…girly. Well, maybe womanly is more the right word to use.

Growing up, my best friend and I have gone out to loads of different places together and we’d have a drink together while shopping, or meet in a coffee shop before heading off somewhere else together. But it seems to be a sort of milestone in a woman’s life where meeting for coffee IS what you do with friends, not just something you do with them before going somewhere else together.

It reminds me of a recent post in Serendipitous’s blog. I seemed to go from “miss” to “madam” overnight – I don’t even remember when it happened, I just remember hearing someone call me “madam” one day and feel…disheartened. Why? I’m not entirely sure. I try not to put much emphasis on age but again it’s one of those milestones that I suppose I didn’t think would be happening in my twenties.

My best friend and I used to joke about how far away 30 was, and now it’s only next year. Perhaps we should meet for coffee.

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