Jack Frost At Play

Jack Frost
Author Unknown

A pretty brook was running at play
With little Jack Frost on a cold winter’s day.
It stopped to rest at the foot of a hill
Making a pond all quiet and still.
“Aha!” said Jack Frost, “Now isn’t that nice?”
And quickly he turned the water to ice.

We’ve had a lot of snow and cold weather here the past couple of weeks, but for three nights in a row we had freezing fog. The temperature was horrid but the results from it were beautiful!

I just never realised how many spiders we have on the conservatory! Thankfully they are all outside! lol!

Nope, those aren’t thorns on that bush, it’s all ice!

The photos don’t really do justice to how beautiful everything was. All the trees were white; coated with icy armor. It was breathtaking but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me then!

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1 thought on “Jack Frost At Play”

  1. Those are awesome photos! For a second I thought they were REALLY BIG snowflakes that stuck on the window. Then I thought they were fake. Then I read on and they were spider webs =P

    Too bad you didn’t have your camera for the other shots!

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