Caturday: Indiana

When I moved from England to America, my two cats (they’re brothers, from the same litter) stayed behind in England with my Mom. I miss them a lot, and they will move over here eventually, but in the mean time I have many, many photos of them – plus I skype with them when I chat to my Mom lol! They totally don’t scoff at the webcam and go to sleep or anything. Honest.

Here is Indiana 🙂 He was so named because of his adventurous streak when I got them both as kittens. He’s a bit of a sun god, and loves lazing around to soak up some rays.

Why hello there.
This paw is dirty from all the walking I haven’t been doing.
You’re in my light.
That’s better!

Spring Has Sprung

Well, maybe not quite when this photo was taken – it was still very frosty some mornings! But my cats once again took up residence on the bedroom windowsill to soak up the sunshine, thus stating that Spring was officially on the way in! About time too, they both agreed.

I just want to add an apology for my lack of posts lately, I’ve been battling with a flu bug that took me out of blogging-action for a while, but thankfully I’ve now won the battle and am feeling much better 🙂