Party Season: Fall Fashions

I’m not sure how we’re already in October, but we are! And that means the party season is soon upon us – Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year parties (and somewhere in the middle a birthday party, for me)!

This season I’m loving earthy, muted colours but also pops of colour with patterns that fade into block colour. I think the latter is one of my favourite current fashion trends. 🙂

I haven’t bought any “party” clothes for a while, but Modcloth has added some great dresses to their Fall/Winter section, so here are a few of my favourites. (I foresee a lot of green in my wardrobe!)


You Can Fete On It Dress: I love the colours in this dress! It would be great to wear in the day with flats, or in the evening you could pair it with heels and jewelry. I think this will work well during the Spring too.


Exquisite Elegance Dress: The gorgeous muted, mossy green of this dress is so delicate it works perfectly with the lace! I love the off-the-shoulder style too – it’s a really great dress. I’d wear it with pearls to keep the vintage look.


Nostalgically Nuanced Dress: I love the button detail at the neckline, and the sleeves, and eveything about it really! This is something I know I’d wear a lot…but it’s out of stock. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll get it back in stock soon.

So those are my top three picks from the Modcloth Fall/Winter collection. What styles are you looking forward to this season? Have you found any great fall fashion bargains?

I’m taking part in Style Sessions and What I Wore – be sure to check out some other posts for great fashion finds. 🙂


Never Again!

Shopping for my Mom’s Mother-of-the-Bride outfit took more time and effort than looking for my wedding dress, I kid you not! lol!

Mom and I had been shopping together before but I don’t ever remember having this much trouble with it. To start with she wouldn’t try anything on. Not all clothes look great on a hanger and will look much better on an actual person, but trying to convince my mother of this was a really uphill struggle – even though she’s said to me before “You should try that on, things look better on a person and not a hanger!”

After several days (yes, DAYS!) of this I resorted to forcing her into changing rooms with armfuls of clothes, not all great clothes I have to say lol but it got to the point where I felt like she needed to get over this apparent fear of trying things on. We found some lovely clothes, but she still didn’t feel like she’d found the one, and I wasn’t going to force her to buy something she wasn’t 100% happy with. This was a one-off occasion after all 🙂

My best friend came with us on one of the trips and I turned to her and said “You take her, I’ve had enough!” lol but within 10 minutes she turned around and said “Take her back!”.

Eventually she did find a great outfit, and it was even in the sale which was a great find! It fitted her perfectly and she looked really pretty 🙂 It was a light blue (hinted towards turquoise) dress with a flare at the edge of the skirt, short sleeves with a floaty bit around the shoulders, and a long sleeved jacket. We teamed it with a mink/taupe coloured hat, bag and strappy shoes. She was really happy and I’m glad we kept at it to find her the perfect outfit. But… Never again! lol!