Weekend Cat Blogging #313: Jasmine

Some of you may remember Poppy from a previous Weekend Cat Blogging post. This is Jasmine, her older “sister” (in that they live at the same house together) 🙂

Again, while not being our cat she spends almost all of her time here, a lot of it disgruntled that we don’t let her inside to steal our cats’ dinner!

Her favourite trick for getting around this is to jump on the conservatory roof and climb in through the study window.

…unless I’m in the study and foil her plans! Bring on the evil stare!

This is my post for Weekend Cat Blogging, this week hosted by Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap 🙂


Weekend Cat Blogging #295: Poppy

This isn’t my cat. My cat, who I was trying to take a photo of, ran off at the sight of my camera as if I’d drawn a shotgun on him!

So instead I got a lense full of Poppy! She’s a neighbour’s kitten and doesn’t seem to realise that this is not her garden hehe.

As cute as she is, would you want to mess with the claws behind that face? So I took her photo instead 🙂

This is my first time taking part in Weekend Cat Blogging, this week hosted by CatSynth 🙂


Snow Day …part two

So the snow started on November 30th and kept coming over December 1st, which made me decide to go for a walk in it to the local nature reserve 🙂 For the amount of snow that fell, we only had about 1″ that stuck.

We haven’t had much snow in England over the actual winter months for quite a long time. At least not in the area I live. So it was really nice to take a long walk in the falling snow during the run up to Christmas – made it feel extra Christmassy 🙂

The walk to the nature reserve follows a country lane, just one car wide.

Yes, that is a lake! Frozen and covered with a perfect, white blanket of snow, trapping the tree branches like hands holding onto the water.

The ducks still managed to find a swimming pool by the river outlet, just big enough for them to enjoy 🙂

At the side of the lake is the entrance to the nature reserve and it runs all the way alongside it.

Spiny hands playfully reached out as we passed by, a dusting of snow in their cupped palms.

I’ve never really found holly to be “pretty”, but the deep green, vivid red and brilliant white combination just struck me as a beautiful mix.

A perfect place to sit, for a view of the lake behind me 🙂

Finally we headed home, the snow still falling sporadically, and I felt really Christmassy. This is the first year in a while that I actually felt that so it was great to have the snow to go with it 🙂


Snow Day …part one

I have quite a bit of catching up to do! My lack of blogging during December, and the first part of January, has left me with a stack of photos to post!

We had a really snowy winter in England, it started at the end of November/start of December and only really started to let up after the New Year. I live close enough to a town to get supplies, but far enough on the outskirts that our roads don’t get gritted…which led to a lot of snow days!

So without further ado, here are some photos from my garden and the road outside my home at the very end of November 2010 🙂

Eventually my 2 cats ventured out, with very confused looks on their faces and leaving just as confused tracks in the snow.

I decided to leave a mark of my own – not exactly imaginative but hey it was cold out there!

All along our road, modern-day snowy tracks in the wake of our neighbours venturing out.