Weekend Cat Blogging #313: Jasmine

Some of you may remember Poppy from a previous Weekend Cat Blogging post. This is Jasmine, her older “sister” (in that they live at the same house together) 🙂

Again, while not being our cat she spends almost all of her time here, a lot of it disgruntled that we don’t let her inside to steal our cats’ dinner!

Her favourite trick for getting around this is to jump on the conservatory roof and climb in through the study window.

…unless I’m in the study and foil her plans! Bring on the evil stare!

This is my post for Weekend Cat Blogging, this week hosted by Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap 🙂


Weekend Cat Blogging #295: Poppy

This isn’t my cat. My cat, who I was trying to take a photo of, ran off at the sight of my camera as if I’d drawn a shotgun on him!

So instead I got a lense full of Poppy! She’s a neighbour’s kitten and doesn’t seem to realise that this is not her garden hehe.

As cute as she is, would you want to mess with the claws behind that face? So I took her photo instead 🙂

This is my first time taking part in Weekend Cat Blogging, this week hosted by CatSynth 🙂