I’m Alive!

Phew! Well, it has been a long time since I updated my blog and I want to say sorry for having such a long break between posts. Moving country happened really fast – my visa interview happened suddenly and then with packing and flying and unpacking, things have been pretty hectic to say the least lol!

But, now I think I’m finally settled, or at least settled enough to be able to get back on track with my blogging. So, hello to my followers, I’ve missed you guys 🙂 and hello to any new followers, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Even though I haven’t sat down to blog since I’ve moved to America, I have a good pile or recipes that I’m planning to post over the next few weeks. Now hubby and I don’t have to do long-distance meals together I even get to use him as a guinea pig for some of the new ones 😉

I’ll update with a post on my move a little later but for now I leave you with a long overdue “Hello again!” and will get stuck in on catching up with what I’ve missed around here.


Getting Closer!

Sorry for the absence of posts from me lately, things have been progressing with my visa application and it’s been taking up a lot of my time to get things organised. We finally have an interview date though! Yey! Unfortunately it’s not before our first anniversary, so that’s not so good :/ but we’ll still make the most of the day with synchronising a romantic meal with webcams and synchronising pressing play on a movie we will both rent to watch at the same time 🙂

Now that the interview date has been set, I have a little more time to be posting things on here because now we actually have a date to work towards. No more limbo! Not being able to plan ahead was horrible but now, I can plan 🙂 …and I’m sure it will sink in sometime later today just how much I need to get done lol!

So, posts coming soon. I have a great ice cream recipe I want to share with you all and a delicious soup, as well as a lovely pasta dish and some book reviews.