Black Friday Book Haul

So my great Black Friday book buys took forever (ok, it was only 3 weeks but it felt like forever) to get here! But now I can hug them, and love them, and curl up to read them complete with a hot 75F Florida heat. Seriously Florida, did you not get the memo that it's DECEMBER… Continue reading Black Friday Book Haul


November Book Haul!

I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an annual writing challenge (National Novel Writing Month) where you write 50k words of a novel/novella/whatever during the month of November. I've taken part every so often since 2005 - some years winning, some years failing miserably! This… Continue reading November Book Haul!

Books, DIY

DIY “Built In” Bookshelves

I have a lot of books. Most of them are still in England (books are heavy to ship!) but I've bought quite a few since being in America, and we didn't have enough bookshelf space for them all! So I decided to take on a project to build some fake built-in bookshelves, using floating shelves… Continue reading DIY “Built In” Bookshelves


Stacking The Shelves #181

Life has been so busy recently, which turns into hardly any books being read. But definitely not a lack of books being bought. Thanks to the Stacking The Shelves blog party I found some FREE ebooks that sounded interesting - and being free I couldn't resist one-clicking them. Ebooks One Wilde Night by Jenn Stark Tarot-reading artifact… Continue reading Stacking The Shelves #181


Stacking The Shelves #178

Where did September go? I feel like I've blinked and it's suddenly over. But that does mean Halloween is getting closer - yay! I'm looking forward to curling up with some hot chocolate and working my way through my TBR pile. I've tried to be good and not buy any new books until I've at… Continue reading Stacking The Shelves #178


Stacking The Shelves #173

Lately, my TBR pile seems to be going head-to-head with my "read" pile. Maybe I should be starting this blog post by saying "My name is Natalie, and I'm a book addict!" but there's nothing wrong with that! Nope! Other than my increasing lack of shelf space. But that's why we bought a house, right?… Continue reading Stacking The Shelves #173